Apple releases new AI models: OpenELM and CoreNet

Apple releases new AI models: OpenELM and CoreNet

Apple just introduced eight new language models called OpenELM. What's cool about them is that they can run directly on your device, like your iPhone or MacBook, instead of needing to connect to the internet. Four of these models were trained using a special tool called CoreNet, made by Apple. CoreNet helps train really smart computer programs.

The other four models are special because they can understand instructions. They learned from a lot of examples and can figure out what you're asking them to do. All of these models and the tools to train them are available for anyone to use, which is great for students and researchers.

You can find these models on a website called Hugging Face, where lots of other cool AI stuff is shared. Apple is sharing these models to help other people make even smarter language programs and to make sure they're fair and accurate.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, said earlier this year that they're going to add some new features to Apple devices using artificial intelligence (AI). These features will make your iPhone and other devices even smarter and faster. They're planning to show off these new features at a big event in June.

Apple also made a special library called CoreNet that helps make these language models even better. They're sharing everything they used to train these models, like the data and the steps they took, so other people can learn from it and make their own cool AI stuff. And they're not just sharing the final product, they're sharing everything they used to make it better.

This is a big deal because Apple usually keeps their stuff secret. But now they're sharing it with everyone to help make AI better for everyone. They're also making sure these models can run on your device without needing to send your data to a server, which is good for your privacy.